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Why DECOR Intervention?

Beautify your home or office to create a positive impact on your life and mindset.

It takes time and creativity to develop a functional vision through the eyes of beauty and comfort. By working with DECOR Intervention your time will be guarded to focus on the things that matter most to you.


DECOR Intervention started as a dream, a fun concept, a passion for that feeling you get when you walk into a beautiful space. That breathtaking feeling that brings about serenity, comfort, joy, safety and complete contentment to stay right where you are.

That feeling where you just want to sit and look around and touch the fabric, take a deep breath in, and take it all in. You look around piece by piece and say: “I love this! If only I could have it!” You close your eyes and take another deep breath and you can sense the aroma of fresh flowers combined with the smell of newness… hope for a new beginning.


Home Staging

Home Staging

Are you a home owner or realtor looking to sell a home? Statistics show that home staging not only increases a home's value, but also helps it sell faster.

The cost of home staging is a lot less than the first price reduction.

Our staging services include:

  • Staging for empty homes
  • Staging for occupied homes
Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior design includes remodeling and interior reorganization services. Whether you want to update your entire home or simply want to update a specific room, DECOR + Intervention can help you create a fantastic space while increasing the value of your house or condo.

Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration

A home is a very personal and essential element in your life.

We strive to understand you and your unique needs to create a space that truly revitalizes you. We make the effort to get to know you at your core.